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About SB 810 & HR 676

SB 810, The California Universal Health Care Act

SB 810 provides universal health care minus the insurance industry. SB 810 removes the criminal health insurance industry from our lives. The health insurance industry exists to avoid the sick, deny claims, and pass costs on to others.

SB 810 is a bureaucracy buster as it removes the thousands of health insurance forms that providers and patients have to deal with. SB 810 contains no co-pays or deductibles.

The current SB 810 bill was introduced in February 2009 by Mark Leno. Its predecessor, SB 840, was introduced by Sen. Sheila Kuehl in 2005 and passed twice by the legislature until it was vetoed twice by Gov. Schwarzenegger. The two bills are almost identical.

Go to Senator Leno’s website for a fact sheet about the bill, which is also available in Spanish.

HR 676: The United States National Health Care Act

35 Questions about HR 676

Summary and details of the Bill (