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Posted: Sep 20th, 2011

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Video of Dr. Quentin Young in San Francicso

Please watch this video featuring Dr. Quentin Young at our August 25th meeting. Dr. Young speaks about the current political climate regarding the national debate on single payer, and why it is crucial for us to continue organizing in the wake of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Video was shot by our friends from PNHP-CA.

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I enjoyed watching Dr. Young on the video. I wish there were more doctors like him willing to stand up for the public good. Unfortunately he is corret about the corporatists and Obama letting America down. Obama has been bought and paid for by the corporate health system, amongst others. I would like to interview Dr. Young on my radio program on KBBF public radio station in Santa Rosa, California. I hope he can respond. Thank you

Suzanne Reta #

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