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Posted: Aug 19th, 2011

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Updates from L.A. & S.F. Rallies to celebrate Social Security

CARA Alert– August 17, 2011

A publication of the California Alliance for Retired Americans


Today, close to 1000 seniors, people with disabilities, workers, parents, students and children rallied in San Francisco and Los Angeles to demand that Senator Feinstein stand up and commit her opposition to ANY cuts to Social Security.  Delegations met with staff before the rallies, and demanded that we hear back from the Senator within a month to state her clear position on this issue.

The rallies were powerful, energetic, and fun – as were the human billboards that stretched along Market St in San Francisco and Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles, while others passed out leaflets to passers-by (go to to see some great photos of the days events).

We want to thank every single person who attended a rally today – your presence made a difference, and inspired thousands more to act.  To all of the drivers who brought folks to these rallies – thank you.  To the bus coordinators who spent countless hours talking and recruiting folks to come – you rock. To the phone callers, the volunteers, banner-holders, leafletters, donation collectors, rally marshalls, sign holders, cake passer-outers – you made the event super special.  And of course the speakers in both locations were fabulous.  Finally, the organizations that provided funding or in-kind support to help us pull this whole thing off, we literally couldn’t have done it without you. CARA is so lucky to have so many wonderful people and organizations collaborating with us. Together, WE CAN WIN.

View photos from the Los Angeles rally here, taken by Mike Chickey.


Below is the flyer that we passed out to thousands today urging folks to call Senator Feinstein today and every day until we are sure that she stands with us – or not.  Please pass this information around to everyone you know.  Time is of the essence.  The Super Commission will be making their recommendations to Congress by November 23rd, so we need to get Senator Feinstein, Members of Congress, and the President on board before then.  Time is of the essence.  The information to make your calls is listed below with some talking points. Thank you again for all you do to make sure that Social Security is there for 76 more years (and beyond).

Social Security belongs to the people who have worked hard all their lives and contributed to it.  Social Security does not belong to members of Congress to be used as a piggybank.  It is our country’s best retirement program, and must be maintained and strengthened for current and future beneficiaries.

Please send this message to the new “Super Committee” resulting from the debt ceiling deal, Senator Feinstein, the President, and your Member of Congress:

  • Social Security does not contribute a penny to the deficit!
  • It should not be cut to reduce the deficit!
  • Strengthen Social Security, scrap the wage cap!
  • I oppose any cuts to Social Security benefits!
  • I oppose raising the retirement age!
  • I oppose lowering the cost of living adjustment!
  • Keep your hands off Social Security!

Call to Senator Feinstein: SF (415) 393‑0707;     LA (310) 914‑7300

Then call your Member of Congress: (877) 762‑8762

and the President: (202) 456‑1414

This issue isn’t going away, so call often!

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I have more hope that ordinary people will heed your message more than any politician, including Feinstein. I put more value on your rally, than on any politician. I reserve my respect for those that attended the rally no respect from me for any politician. Sorry but asking me to call Feinstein, is like asking me to get on a squirrel cage and expecting me to believe all that effort is getting me somewhere. But, I myself, cannot come up with a good excuse for not being at that rally. But sure thank those that did go.

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