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Posted: Nov 5th, 2012

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The Presidents Speak Out for Single Payer Healthcare

On Oct. 29, 2012, at a satellite session of the American Public Health Association’s annual conference in San Francisco three past, present or future presidents of physician associations explained eloquently why they support single payer healthcare.  The session was organized by Single Payer Now.  Click a video below to play it, then click on its bottom right corner to expand it.

I  Introduction

Don Bechler, Organizer, Single Payer Now     YouTube Preview Image

II  Economics of Single Payer

Walter Tsou, MD, past President of the American Public Health Association (APHA) and former Philadelphia Public Health Commissioner.  YouTube Preview Image

III  A Physician’s Perspective on Single Payer

Andy Coates, MD — President Elect, Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)  YouTube Preview Image

IV  Audience Q&A

YouTube Preview Image

V  How Hawaii is embracing Single Payer

Stephen Kemble, MD, President of the Hawaii Chapter of the American Medical Assn.  YouTube Preview Image

Reader Comments

These gentlemen are heroes and visionaries. On this day of thanks, I am so happy to know their organizations APHA, PNHP, HI-AMA, SPN are working toward a more just healthcare system for all of us.

Richard Bruno #

We have got to start our campaign to pass this in the next election window. We the voters and citizens should tell Gov. Jerry Brown that this is what we want and we should tell the governor at the voting polls. Im sure former US President Jimmy Carter would agree with us. So far the only inequality in our justice system is insurance for profit and not equal healthcare for all. HR 676 would make everyone equal and the rich will have to pay their fare share.

Healthy universal health care means healthy and productive people which equals to a very healthy economy. You dont have to be an engineer to figure out this basic equation.

James Beard #

[…] Click here to view the videos. PNHP California 620 3rd Street, Oakland, CA 94607 P: 510.590.9691 | F: 510.590.9780 E-Mail: infoatpnhpcaliforniadotorg […]

View Single Payer Now’s Video of “The Presidents Speak Our for Single Payer” – PNHP California - Single Payer Health Insurance #

A big thank you to each of the speakers, including the comments at the end. I wish President Obama, Governor Brown, and all the state governors, all congress people, and all the CEOs of all big corporations, small business owners, and all voters would listen to these speeches! Single-payer Universal Improved Medicare for All is the only answer that makes sense!

Dawn Dershem #

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