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Posted: Aug 28th, 2011

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The Battle for Single Payer in San Francisco

In June 2011, a handful of overpaid lobbyists and executives from the health insurance industry met in San Francisco to lay plans to extract more money from American healthcare. But outside the conference hall, hundreds of activists demonstrated to demand single payer healthcare that would eliminate the insurance company middlemen entirely.

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Single Payer Now should create an online petition to send to Jerry Brown asking him to sign SB 810 into state law. Im sure allot of California citizens would sign this. It would be even better if we could vote to pass SB 810 ourselves on the next presidential election. Vermont just passed a single payer bill. We should be the next to set the standard.


Thanks for your comments, James. We are very supportive of our friends in Vermont, and inspired by all of the work they have been doing in the state to win support for single payer. In California, our job is tremendous. We are focused on having conversations and one-on-one interactions with folks, and building the groundwork necessary to win a ballot initiative in the future.

Lisa #

What I have read about San Francisco’s Plan, people seem very happy with it. One survey found 94% of the people satisfied with it’s performance.

This type of model is the most cost effective.

And in Canada their plan started in one small province and spread accross Canada. This is what Conservatives and Teabaggers fear most! People will see a single payer plan in some OTHER state that works and DEMAND it for themselves!

Vermont is certainly bold and forward thinking in passing a single payer health care bill on May 26, 2011. I wanted to see California do it though.

As I see California is the United States in miniature. You see big cities, medium cities, small towns and rural areas. If it works there as I believe it would then it would work accross America.

And saving $8 Billion in the FIRST YEAR as some believe California will save, it’s a simple choice!

I give President Obama credit for getting the Affordable Care Act passed. But single payer is the only way you are going to get a handle on controlling costs.

Obamacare, as the Cons and T baggers call it, shows one thing though. President Obama CARES about health care

The RIGHTISTS, T Baggers — Conservatives — Republicans, all they care about is TAKING HEALTH CARE away from people.

Nick Balandiat #

It is high time that this country join the rest of the civilized world most of which have a universal health plan for all their citizens! It is absolutely unconscionable that this wealthy country has nothing like it!

Ilse Hadda #

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