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Posted: Feb 18th, 2011

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SB 810 Introduced Today

Thanks Senator Mark Leno for carrying the torch for us in California who want to see a single payer system implemented in our great state.

Read details on Senator Leno’s website here.

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Thanks to Mark Leno.
With a democratic governor, just maybe we have a chance to get single payer.
We must emphasize single payer would save Ca $29 billion. Jerry Brown, we don’t have to balance the budget on the backs of the needy!!

Peggy Olsen #

So California is running a $25 billion deficit NOW and after implementing SINGLE PAYER they would SAVE $29 Billion?


So a $4 Billion SURPLUS?

This is bad how?

Nick Balandiat #

I hear you, Nick. I personally don’t see why there is so much resistance. That money could be put to good use in plenty of ways.

Lisa #

Agreed, Peggy! We will let Mr. Brown know exactly what the people of California want, which is for him to sign SB 810 into law!!

Lisa #

It looks like the stars are aligning YET again for California. The state is being herded into HAVING to act to cut it’s massive deficit. Now you could go the route PA Governor Tom Corbett has taken and toss THOUSANDS of low income people off the adultBasic Health Insurance (I was one of them), or you could try and take advantage of a deficit to TERMINATE a source of political funding for your opposition like Governor Scott Walker is trying to do in Wisconsin in killing the unions (who’s NOW facing a recall movement in Wisconsin), or you could try and solve a fiscal problem by attacking rising health care COSTS by going with the SINGLE PAYER model which has WORKED WELL for DECADES in Canada and many other industrialized nations!

And one point of interest, yesterday I got an email about the Empowering States to Innovate Act, a bipartisan bill supported by Senators Wyden, Landrieu, and Scott Brown. This bill allows states to actually create a health care system which achieves the goals of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as long as it doesn’t increase the deficit. And face it SB 810 gets the job done on providing access to affordable coverage and it does it both better in covering EVERYONE and at a MUCH LOWER COST!

This is the opening we need. The nation, not just California, needs SB 810 to succeed.

This will address what is the heart and soul of our federal and state budget problem, health care costs.

Nick Balandiat #

This is great! Medicare for all! Thanks to Senator Leno and, of course, to our hero Sheila Keuhl before him.

Deborah Bayer #

I would definitely urge EVERYONE to also contact their FEDERAL legislators, both in the House and Senate to support that bill that called the Empower States to Innovate.

Remember by 2014 those exchanges will be up and running…unless the Republicans can block it in the courts or repeal it (hopefully won’t happen).

But when the exchanges are up and running, California could have a Single Payer Exchange.

President Obama supports this Empowering States to Innovate. It would provide the means to help California establish a true SINGLE PAYER system, which WHEN SUCCESSFUL, would show the rest of the nation how much money this will save.

Nick Balandiat #

Just a guess, but I strongly suspect that I’ll “thrive” a lot better when my money is paying for health care rather than Kaiser’s teevee commercials.

Jeff #

It ain’t over yet. It will NEVER be over!

Jon #

I hear you Peggy Olsen! Also Jeff’s. I am old enough to remember when Kaiser really was like universal healthcare. We had a co-pay of $1.50 per visit (that’s one dollar and fifty cents) period! Doctors could practice medicine and not bookkeeping, and anyone could be treated for any condition, pre-existing or not.

Cynthia DeCuir #

United States is the only country in the western industrial world that is still held hostage to insurance and pharmaceutical companies and crook and rapacious politicians. It is unheard of in any post industrial modern advanced society that you could literally become homeless and be forced to live on the street because you or a member of your family got sick and you can’t afford to be treated! UNBELIEVABLE. Single Payer/Medicare is great ONLY for members of US Congress and their families but it is a TERRIBLE idea for ALL AMERICANS. It is socialized medicine ONLY if everyone is able to see a doctor but not the Congress! This is hypocrisy at its worst ESPECIALLY by Republican politicians.

Sean Sardari, CPE #

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