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Posted: May 9th, 2011


What’s Next for Single Payer legislation in California?

When: Sunday, May 15, 2011
Where: Los Angeles, CA

On May 4th, Senate Bill 810, the California Universal Healthcare Act passed out of the Senate Health Committee.

What are the next steps for activists to move SB 810 forward?  On Sunday we will also look closely to what is actually contained in SB 810. Please ask to be emailed 40 questions and answers that we use to educate activists.

When: Sunday, May 15th @ 2 p.m.

Where: Mercado La Paloma, 3655 South Grand Ave., LA, 90007 (at 37th Street) ** Plentiful free parking **

From the 110 North, take the Exposition Blvd. exit. Turn right on 37th and take the first left onto Grand.
From the 110 South, take the Exposition Blvd. exit. Stay in the left-hand lane and head south on Flower. Take a left on 37th and merge right to go straight past Hope Street. Take the next left onto Grand Avenue.

Public Transportation: please see

Speaker: Don Bechler- Chair of Single Payer Now

Please come join us so you can be a part of the next steps of moving SB 810 forward in California. Also, this is a wonderful opportunity to become a better speaker and more informed advocate for health care for all Californians!

For More information, and for the list of 40 Q & A, please email Lisa  (lisaatsinglepayernowdotnet)   or call 323–316-8933.

Thanks for your continued support!

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Wow it’s about time

How soon will it be to sign up for this new universal health plan?

Johanne Auger #

How come all the media both radio and TV have said nothing???

Are they all bought out by the drug and existing health plans????

Johanne Auger #

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