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Posted: Jan 14th, 2011


Stop the Corporate Stranglehold Over Our Healthcare System

When: Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Where: San Francisco, CA

How do we weaken the corporate stranglehold over our health care system? How do we protect Medicare and Social Security during an onslaught to reduce the deficit on the back of our most valuable social programs? What’s next for states fighting for single-payer health care?

7pm Wednesday, February 2
474 Valencia, San Francisco
Centro del Pueblo at 16th St.
1/2 block north of 16th ST, 1 block to 16th BART, buses 26 Valencia, 22 on 16th, 14, 33, & 49 at 16th BART at Mission

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  • Katie Robbins, National Organizer for Healthcare-NOW!
  • Margaret Flowers, MD: Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program
  • Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator, Labor Campaign for Single Payer
  • Quentin Young, MD: Founding Member of Physicians for a National Health Program

Sponsored by Single Payer Now & Physicians for a National Health Program

Call (415) 695‑7891 or email Don  (dbechleratvaluedotnet)   for more information.

Reader Comments

How we use our words — the way we “frame” our discussions is paramount at this point. Also — will you be recording this? I am four hours north but would be there if possible. That you to all of you for standing up and making a difference.

Kim Anderson #

We should press congress to repeal their government health care insurance for themselves and their families.

That would draw their attention to this problem.

Perhaps a movement can be started?

I firmly believe that the only system that will work is the single payer plan.

Mary Levendos #

Katie and Margaret just spoke at our Portland conference on Saturday. They were wonderfully inspiring. A lot more of us now will be joining the efforts to end the corporate stranglehold on our lives.

Eileen Rence #

We are so lucky to have these amazing organizers visiting us on the West Coast!

Lisa #

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