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Posted: May 19th, 2015


March against Monsanto & Collect postcards for HR 676

When: Saturday, May 23, 2015
Where: San Francisco, CA

March Against Monsanto’s GMO’s

Collect HR 676 Postcards for Single Payer

WHEN: Saturday, May 23rd, 11 AM

WHERE: San Francisco Ferry Building to Aquatic Park. (We will have a small table at the Ferry Building starting at 11am).

WHAT: Please come help us build the campaign for Medicare for All at the March Against Monsanto’s GMO’S.

WHY: Corporate profiteers such as Monsanto have long been adversaries to the public’s health and the consumers’ right to know, i.e., round-up, agent orange, etc.  As global figures in GMO crop production and seed patents, companies like Monsanto are poisoning our food supplies and making us sick. What happens if we don’t have health insurance to cover our medical bills? What happens to farm laborers, and children who are exposed day in and out to these toxic chemicals when they become ill and can’t see a doctor because they don’t work in jobs which traditionally offer health insurance?

Monsanto does not put the health considerations of people or animals above corporate profits; sound like any other big-businesses we know?? There is a connection between Big-AG and our poor health. There is an urgent need for us to stop them, and to continue the fight for Universal, Single payer, Improved Medicare for ALL!!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: please email Don  (dbechleratvaluedotnet)  , or call (415) 695‑7891

*** If you can, please let us know if you are coming so we can prepare the appropriate amount of clipboards, pens, etc.



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