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Posted: Dec 13th, 2010


Mailing Party

When: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Where: San Francisco, CA

We Need Your Help with Our Healthcare Mailing

Sun. Dec 19th in San Francisco — 12:30 to 7:30

2467 28th Ave  between Taraval & Ulloa.  L-Taravel, 66 Quintarra bus, plentiful parking

Let’s Put Single Payer Healthcare On Jerry Brown’s Radar! We need your help to get out our mailing to 14,000 single payer supporters. The mailing will take about 400 hours of volunteer time. On Dec. 18th and 19th, we will be labeling envelopes. Later in the month we will be doing the folding, stuffing, sealing and stamping. See our events page for more.

The mailing will ask activists to:

  • attend our January 8 SF potluck featuring Senator Mark Leno
  • invite people to rally in Sacramento with healthcare students on Monday, January 10
  • encourage people to become volunteer organizers, and ask people to become financial contributors

We have great orange juice, snacks, and the best people on earth!

Please RSVP by email  (dbechleratvaluedotnet)   or call Don at 415–695-7891 and let us know when you think you can come help.

Thank you!

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