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Posted: Jan 26th, 2011


2011 Single Payer Now Fundraiser in Los Angeles

When: Thursday, February 3, 2011
Where: Los Angeles, CA

You are cordially invited to:

February 3rd Fundraiser
Los Angeles, California

How do we weaken the corporate stranglehold over our health care system? How do we protect Medicare and Social Security during an onslaught to reduce the deficit on the back of our most valuable social programs? What’s next for states fighting for single-payer health care?
Now is the time to organize, fight back, and win. Come learn more!

4181 Irving Place
Culver City, California

The fundraiser starts at 6:30pm with discussions beginning at 7pm. Refreshments are provided. Donations are not required, but you are welcome to bring your check book or credit card and become a monthly contributor.

Your contributions make it possible for us to continue our important work. In 2010, we added thousands of names to our database, created a new website, built up a strong social network online, attended local community forums, and dozens of farmers markets. To help us continue to grow, please give as generously as you can.

Special Guest

Katie Robbins
National Organizer, Healthcare-NOW!

Katie will speak on the next steps for the national movement for single-payer health care. This fundraiser will be an open discussion on building the movement to win single-payer health care in California and the nation. How do we win? Bring your ideas!

Katie Robbins is national organizer for Healthcare NOW!. A firm believer that health care is a human right, Katie supports a growing network of activists organizing for single-payer health care across the country.

Healthcare-NOW! is an education and advocacy organization that addresses the health insurance crisis in the U.S by advocating for the passage of national, single-payer health care legislation. With 50,000 supporters nationally and members in every state, the group views health care as a human right, not a privilege tied to the ability to pay.

Please RSVP Today

Lisa Patrick-Mudd
Southern California Organizer, Single Payer Now
323–316-8933 or lisaatsinglepayernowdotnet  (lisaatsinglepayernowdotnet)  

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