Single Payer Now

Posted: Apr 6th, 2011


Out in Force

On Monday, April 4, we collected 354 single payer postcards at the “Stop the Attacks on Working People” Rallies in Oakland and San Francisco.

Collecting postcards is a wonderful way to engage the public and gain support for SB 810 and single payer. This activity is an integral part of our existence.  It enables activists to become stronger advocates for single payer by  improving messaging and communication skills, and it is encouraging for the public to see such enthusiasm and passion from our volunteers –not to mention it is a lot of fun! If you have never been out with us before, please consider participating. It is a great way to spend an afternoon, and very rewarding.

Specials thanks to Judy Beck, Christine Caldwell, Julia Cato, Ann Chen, Norie Clarke, Barbara Commins, Margaret Copi, Lois Downing, Joan Intrator, Bob Marston, Stephanie Miyashiro, Dorothy Quock, Yvonne Steffen, Ellen Yoshitsugu, & Don Bechler for tabling this past Monday.


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