Single Payer Now

Take Action Now

Help make better health care a reality by TAKING ACTION:

1. Order 10 postcards today! Postcards are a great tool to start conversations with folks and an easy way to build support for HR 676.

2. Organize a house party! Invite 10 friends over to your home and we will come and make a brief presentation on the current status of the Healthy California Campaign (SB562) movement for single payer healthcare, and HR 676 (Conyers).  We can generate letters on the spot to then mail out to legislators, asking for their support to move the bill forward.

3.  Make your voice heard! Let the Chair of the Senate Health Committee, Sen. Ed Hernandez, know you support SB 562. Call or write Senator Ed Hernandez:
Phone: (916) 651‑4022
Email: senatordothernandezatsenatedotcadotgov  (senatordothernandezatsenatedotcadotgov)  

Email here  (dbechleratvaluedotnet)   if you need postcards or would like to organize a house party/letter writing party.

If you live in Southern California, call  (323) 316‑8933 or email here.  (lpmuddatgmaildotcom)  

If you are in Northern California, contact Don: (415) 695‑7891 or email here.  (dbechleratvaluedotnet)