Single Payer Now

About SPN

Single Payer Now is a statewide grassroots advocacy group. We educate and train activists to advocate for healthcare minus the insurance industry. In California, we advocate for progressive health policies and educate individuals about single payer healthcare models, like Medicare and the VA. Nationally, we support HR 676, the U.S. National Healthcare Act.

We are volunteers educating voters since 1994 to talk with their friends, co-workers, and neighbors about health care minus the insurance companies. We aim to build a network of 50,000 precinct organizers to win a California ballot initiative.

A Vision for Winning Health Care that Works for All

Health care reform will be on the ballot eventually. When we pass legislation in Sacramento, the insurance industry will place an initiative on the ballot to overturn our legislative victory. If we do not win in Sacramento, there will be  a single payer health care on the ballot. Winning a ballot initiative requires a systematic campaign, organizing precinct by precinct.

More Than Policy, Health Care is about Politics

The antidote to the insurance industry’s deceitful media campaigns is a truth telling campaign of thousands of citizens talking to neighbors in their precincts.

Just as grassroots social movements won civil rights, social security, women’s right to vote and the right to organize unions, we too will win the fight for health care minus the insurance industry.

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